Letrissa Bennett Interview

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– I began working at Gateway 2007 ’til 2012. Started off as a full time teller and then became, eventually became, the teller supervisor. You know, Gateway was, started in the 60’s. This is now 2015 so it’s way more advanced, better offers, better programs, for that matter, than it was in the 60’s. So yes, I think maybe it would be maybe better than Gateway.

– [Interviewer] We are truly in a completely different era.

– Yeah, we are.

– [Interviewer] In light of that Letrissa, what do you think St. Louis Community Credit Union’s presence will mean with it’s investment in Gateway?

– I think the presence will mean a lot to the community. I still see account holders who have accounts at Gateway and they look for me and Dolores. Where you guys at? Where you guys at? When they’re gunna open the facility? Are you guys gunna come back to this location? So they’re looking for, they’re wanting it, because they know that it will be a good thing for the community and for them personally as well.

– [Interviewer] So what about that? Are you gunna go with the name? Are you going to be back at that location?

– Unfortunately I will not be back at that location, but the people that we served at Gateway really trusted our judgment as employees and as working in the financial institution. So they trust us, and if we say hey it’s good, it’s okay, you’ll be okay, then they will go ahead and trust in St. Louis Community. ‘Cause a lot of our account holders at Gateway did follow and crossover to St. Louis Community because we advised them to.

– [Interviewer] You ladies are the face of the bank.

– Well I wouldn’t say that but, we did play a good part in building relationships and trusting with our account holders. We did do that.

– [Interviewer] So what else? Anything else that I haven’t touched upon here, that you thought was relevant?

– I just think that now, today, from Gateway to St. Louis Community now we are crossing lines of technology. So I think that’s good that that neighborhood, or that community will get some more advancement and some things that Gateway didn’t offer and as far as like technology. Sometimes you can keep the old, with the new. Instead of just totally erasing the old for the new. So I think that’s a good thing.